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The smart label printer – designed with your kitchen in mind

Ready to flawlessly label food in large batches? Meet our SATO professional label printer – your ticket to efficient labelling. This stand-alone printer prints HACCP labels with all the right details, saving kitchen staff time and effort.

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The SATO professional label printer

At LabelFresh, we know that sometimes only a bespoke job will do. So, in addition to our standardised food labels, we provide you with a customised labelling solution. Kitchen staff can easily select the correct dish on the SATO professional label printer’s screen. Next, the label printer prints the product information and date on one or more labels, instantly ready for use. The printer’s intuitive app makes uploading product details to the printer a straightforward and simple affair.

The SATO label printer relies on direct thermal technology. By using heat instead of ink, this printer is hygienic and safe for kitchen use. That’s an instant win for your kitchen.

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Labels on demand: 4 label types in 2 sizes

The SATO professional label printer enables hospitality businesses to print four types of labels: standard HACCP labels, frozen food labels, dissolvable labels, and takeaway labels. Separate labels are yesterday’s news. Just upload a description of each dish with the required facts, select your label type, and print! Need a different label type? Replace the printer roll with the type you need. It’s as easy as that. Staff only need to select the correct description to print accurate HACCP labels efficiently and in bulk. The professional label printer prints in two sizes: 25 mm x 40 mm and 40 mm x 70 mm.

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Restaurants, caterers, and commercial kitchens frequently prepare the same dishes over and over. With the printer’s app, you can easily enter and save descriptions for those dishes and print corresponding HACCP labels fast.

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LabelFresh Frozen

The SATO label printer is compatible with freezer labels. These contain the same details as standard HACCP labels. The bonus? They also reliably handle extreme temperatures.

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LabelFresh Dissolvable

LabelFresh Dissolvable labels also work with our professional label printer. That’s a fantastic way for hospitality staff to save twice the time. No manual labelling and no manual removal.

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LabelFresh Takeaway & Delivery

Does your kitchen sell hundreds of takeaway meals day in and day out? The SATO label printer makes your life easier by accurately labelling frequent meals with data you’ve uploaded and stored, e.g. ingredients and preparation instructions.

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The SATO professional label printer: only advantages

Compact design and hygiene – these key SATO label printer features distinguish it as the perfect professional kitchen labelling solution. Anyone can learn to use it. You’re good to go in just a few minutes. And that means catering establishments pass food inspection with flying colours – every time.

  • smart printer, operates autonomously on stored (uploaded) data
  • no PC required
  • easy data upload with the app
  • intuitive touchscreen, responds to gloved instructions
  • antibacterial housing, i.e. ideal for hygienic environments
  • splashproof
  • wall-mountable, i.e. a space saver
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Standard HACCP labels

Don’t need a professional label printer? Hospitality businesses are still spoilt for choice with our handwritten labels. For that matter, even professional kitchens that do use a printer need handwritten labels from time to time, e.g. for special seasonal products and meals. And that’s precisely why we offer a range of food labelling solutions: HACCP food labels, frozen food labels, dissolvable labels, allergen labels and quality-control labels.

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