18295 Allergen Uk Label
18295 Allergen Uk

Pictogram-enhanced allergen labels

LabelFresh Allergen labels now feature pictograms, making it even easier to help customers stay safe. You can even specify nut content (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, cashews, pecans, Brazil nuts, pistachios, and macadamia nuts) and gluten (rye, wheat, barley, oats, spelt, kamut).


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What are the legal requirements?

Every company processing food products has been subject to allergen legislation since 14 December 2014. According to EU law, food products that haven’t been pre-packed must provide accurate allergen information. This law covers the 14 most common allergens, i.e. egg, fish, mustard, sesame, peanut, sulphite, lactose, soya, shellfish, molluscs, lupin, celery, gluten, and nuts.

Make life easier!

It’s no secret. Complying with food safety laws is a serious undertaking. But LabelFresh labels radically simplify it for you. Now, labelling food is simple and standardised with clear, helpful visuals. To simplify your and your customer’s lives, we designed 14 separate labels, each with a unique allergen pictogram.  That gives you complete confidence in the contents, and empowers customers with premium allergen content information.

661 Allergenenstarterkit

Simplicity first!

LabelFresh Allergen labels are available in a convenient stainless steel dispenser as a starter kit. When you run out, there’s a convenient 500-piece refill for every allergen type. LabelFresh also designed two distinct labels to tell customers that your products don’t contain allergens. Our allergen-free labels are available for lactose and gluten. Need to save time with a dynamic solution? The orange LabelFresh Allergen label lists all 14 allergens. All you need to do is tick the food allergens present.


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Are you a chef, restaurant owner, kitchen manager, baker, butcher, or caterer? Are you ready to simplify or standardise your tracing system? Make your life easier with our food labels, dissolvable labels, allergen labels and freezer-safe HACCP labels. Effortlessly comply with HACCP regulations and pass every food inspection with flying colours. Find a dealer near you now and start labelling!

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