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LabelFresh HACCP: simplifying food safety compliance

It’s no secret. Complying with food safety laws is a serious undertaking.

LabelFresh simplifies it for you. Now, labelling processed food and chilled food is simple, standardised, and efficient.

It only takes minutes. You and employees will master the LabelFresh technique in no time! Find out in a flash how easy it is to comply with food traceability laws.

When you do, you put an end to worries about product freshness, plus you maximise your product returns.
Better yet…you instantly make a good impression on food safety inspectors!

LabelFresh Easy or Pro?

LabelFresh Easy

The Easy system mainly targets small businesses and sole proprietors, i.e. where usually only one person is responsible for processing food, occasionally assisted by an employee or two. These labels have enough space to enter a product description and preparation date.

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LabelFresh Pro

LabelFresh Pro was designed with larger companies in mind, where food is regularly processed by several people. There are no loose ends with the Pro system. Product freshness is always a guarantee with this perfect label and trace system.

LabelFresh Universal / DLC

The simplest solution to comply with HACCP legislation. With LabelFresh Universal labels, you have a professional, non-colour-coded label. Of course, this product meets all legal requirements and can still be used in cooling and freezing applications.

Simple, yet still complete!

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LabelFresh products are made of paper to be planet friendly and sustainable. What do we mean by planet friendly? Well, paper is 100% reusable and recyclable in its original form. We feel duty-bound to invest in sustainable materials and technology for our stakeholders and the planet.

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