Clean & Disinfected labels

What you communicate on your labels counts

When it comes to ensuring quality, correctly labelling your products is non-negotiable. Using quality-control labels helps maintain product quality and satisfy HACCP standards and regulations. LabelFresh understands quality control is essential. And that’s why we offer high-quality solutions to meet every need.

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Tamper-evident labels

100% secure for storage and transport – that’s what LabelFresh’s high-quality tamper-evident labels guarantee your products and you. Our labels are made of sustainable materials, meeting the highest quality and safety standards.

We specially designed our tamper-evident labels to prevent tampering and detect unauthorised product access. Removing the label leaves a visible mark, instantly letting you see whether a product has been opened. And that means peace of mind. You can be confident that your products stay sealed and secure until their time of use.

Tamper-evident labels

Quality-control labels aren’t just about satisfying HACCP standards and regulations. They’re evidence of your commitment, which builds customer trust. Products labelled with clear, trustworthy labels and stickers? That says high quality and safety.

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Every smart hospitality business knows that a good label supplier is worth their weight in gold. So, finding one is a must. LabelFresh sells high-quality, sustainable labelling solutions to the food industry, but finding a good local dealer? That can be a challenge.

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