LabelFresh Tamper-Evident: a must for all your takeaway meals!

LabelFresh Tamper-evident labels were designed to signal whether a package has been opened or tampered with before reaching the recipient.

These are the only LabelFresh labels that do leave a trace. Tamper-evident labels make it impossible not to spot whether a package has been opened or closed. It’s always clear.


The only LabelFresh label that does leave a trace!

Scientific studies have proven that over 30% of meal deliveries are wrongfully opened. LabelFresh Tamper-evident labels are produced with a special adhesive that sticks securely to every surface. What’s more, the labels feature pre-cut slits. As a result, if anyone tampers with the label, it tears completely.

There are two kinds of tamper-evident labels, with or without allergen labelling.

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