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Simple, standardised food tracing

Our LabelFresh HACCP labels are based on an intuitive 7-colour system. Intuitive? Yes! Kitchen staff simply fill in the HACCP labels with a product description, production date, the employee responsible (optional), best-before date, and production time. Say goodbye to lingering doubts about freshness. Now, your team always knows when which products were made with the HACCP system.

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Save time with our dissolvable labels

Our dissolvable HACCP labels dial up your catering staff’s efficiency. All that time spent trying to remove labels is a thing of the past. LabelFresh’s dissolvable HACCP labels are composed of glucose and corn starch. Whether you use the tap or dishwasher – 30 seconds  + water is all it takes to completely dissolve! They’re a must for every hospitality business and wholesaler.

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Labelling nut-, gluten-, and dairy-free products

If you’re a catering business, that means every food containing an allergen must be clearly labelled accordingly. Packaging bearing a LabelFresh Allergen label instantly lets everyone know which ingredients a dish contains. And the pictograms help keep it simple. Kitchen staff can now label a single product with various allergens in one go using LabelFresh Multi-Allergen labels. And that gives clients and customers perfect peace of mind. Every dish is guaranteed safe!

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Labels on demand with the SATO label printer

With our label printer, it’s a breeze for catering and hospitality to print labels in bulk. The label printer prints labels with pre-uploaded data, e.g. frequent product descriptions, ingredients, and preparation methods. Dates update automatically so that HACCP labels print quickly and accurately. Chefs or kitchen staff just have to apply them to the packaging.

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Guarantee safety with LabelFresh Quality Control

At LabelFresh, we produce and sell HACCP labels. But that’s not all! We also create labels that guarantee food safety. Our tamper-evident labels are one great example. They can’t be removed without tearing. And that empowers customers. Right from the start, they can see whether the courier has tampered with their food order. One look at the intact label, and customers can rest easy knowing their dish has been delivered fresh from the restaurant. We also go the extra mile and offer meal sample labels so that (hospital) chefs can enter the essential details.

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Our efficient, standardised labels make professional kitchen life easier

LabelFresh is your go-to for efficient, innovative, and problem-solving products. We keep close tabs on the hospitality market to get to the bottom of daily commercial kitchen labelling challenges. The result? We proactively come up with clever product solutions. Our HACCP label range ensures hospitality businesses save time and hassle when complying with HACCP regulations. For example, our dissolvable labels save catering staff loads of priceless time and effort.

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Sustainability comes first at LabelFresh

Sustainability is a top priority at LabelFresh. As an FSC®-certified company, we’re committed to producing products with materials sourced from sustainable forest management. What’s more, we consistently rely on green energy for production and are continually on the lookout for new ways to reduce our waste. We stepped up our commitment to sustainability in 2021 when we signed the UN’s 16 Sustainable Development Goals.

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