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It’s no secret. Complying with food safety laws is a serious undertaking. LabelFresh simplifies that process. Now labelling processed, chilled food is simple, standardised, and efficient.

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LabelFresh HACCP Labels

Master the LabelFresh technique in minutes. Find out in a flash how easy it is to comply with food traceability laws. When you do, you put an end to worries about product freshness, plus you maximise product returns.
Better yet…you instantly make a good impression on food safety inspectors!

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Go for separate packs or combine them with the convenient stainless steel dispenser. The LabelFresh Starter Kit is the perfect all-in solution. It makes compliance with processed food labelling laws carefree.

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Innovative food service solutions

LabelFresh’s HACCP labels are innovative solutions tailored to the hospitality sector’s needs and requirements. We’re always innovating, looking for the next great fix to the chef, baker, caterer, and butcher’s daily food safety-related struggles. We offer a wide range of labels for every situation:

  • LabelFresh HACCP Labels
  • LabelFresh Frozen
  • LabelFresh Dissolvable
  • LabelFresh Safe Sample
  • LabelFresh Take-Away & Delivery
  • HACCP printer
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Are you a chef, restaurant owner, kitchen manager, baker, butcher, or caterer? Are you ready to simplify or standardise your tracing system? LabelFresh is just a shout away. We partner with a wide variety of local and international wholesalers to meet your needs.

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