Dissolvable HACCP labels

LabelFresh Dissolvable labels simplify HACCP compliance for the hospitality industry. Like LabelFresh HACCP labels, they feature the space you need to correctly label food. Plus, they’re even more convenient! LabelFresh Dissolvable are HACCP labels made from corn starch and glucose, making them water-soluble. And that means no hassle with removing packaging labels. Our biodegradable labels dissolve in the dishwasher without a trace of adhesive residue. Long story short? Your catering business saves time and money, and your staff gets the job done quicker and better.

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A must for every professional kitchen

Traceability is essential at every catering business, from butchers, bakers, and catering businesses to big commercial kitchens. Food must be properly labelled with descriptions and dates to guarantee food safety and freshness. Our range of solutions makes standardised labelling easy. For example, our LabelFresh Dissolvable range is a hit with catering establishments for its incredible user-friendliness. Made from corn starch, these labels dissolve in water in less than 30 seconds.

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Simple or detailed labelling

LabelFresh Dissolvable labels are available in three versions: simple LabelFresh Easy, detailed LabelFresh Pro, and universal. The Easy system is perfect for small kitchens looking for a quick and easy route to HACCP compliance. LabelFresh Pro is the way to go for large kitchens with a bigger staff since it helps maintain a good overview and ensure first-rate food safety. Our universal dissolvable labels? You can use them anywhere!

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LabelFresh Dissolvable Easy ‘Best before’

LabelFresh Easy come in seven colours, one for every day of the week. Every label features space for a product description and a production or best-before date, i.e. what you need to pass food inspection.


LabelFresh Dissolvable Pro

Does your kitchen employ a somewhat larger staff? If so, the more detailed LabelFresh Dissolvable Pro system is the way to go. Our Pro labels list information, e.g. the product description, production date, production time, best-before date, quantity (pieces, grams, litres, etc.), and employee who prepared the product or dish. LabelFresh Dissolvable Pro stickers keep your kitchen organised. Everyone instantly knows who prepared what and when.

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LabelFresh Dissolvable Universal

LabelFresh’s universal dissolvable labels work anywhere. These simple, black-and-white labels are easy to use every day of the week. And that’s exactly what catering businesses only open a few days a week need. No more wasted labels!


LabelFresh label dispensers keep your kitchen organised

Order and hygiene – two things that no kitchen can do without. And that’s why LabelFresh developed its stainless steel label dispenser, safe for every kitchen. Our 7-day dispenser houses seven separate boxes, one for every day of the week. The LabelFresh compact dispenser fits just one box, perfect for our universal labels or multi-allergen labels. Your takeaway? Kitchen staff always grab the right dissolvable label with our dispenser. What’s more, LabelFresh’s hygienic label dispensers are wall-mountable, saving precious worktop space.

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Innovative hospitality sector solutions

LabelFresh Dissolvable labels are hands-down one of our most innovative products. 30 seconds is all it takes to dissolve. Even better, they’re a practical response to sustainable product demand.

  • unprecedented user-friendliness
  • ultra-simple tracing system saving tons of time
  • water-soluble without leaving paper or adhesive residue
  • convenient box compatible with our stainless steel dispensers

Sustainability comes first at LabelFresh

At LabelFresh, we’re always developing new products to lend personnel in the catering industry a hand. But our innovation doesn’t stop there. Climate also plays a pivotal role. With that in mind, we’re always looking for greener ways to produce, playing our part in filling the market with sustainable products. And our dissolvable labels are a step in the right direction. Made from corn starch, they are 100% biodegradable. Wondering about our other labels? Rest assured; we only use FSC®-certified paper.

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Are you a restaurant owner, kitchen manager, chef, butcher, caterer, or baker? Are you looking for a simple, orderly way to label food and comply with HACCP regulations? Pass every food inspection with flying colours with LabelFresh food labels. It’s a simple way to keep your kitchen safe and standardised. It’s up to you! Choose from HACCP labels, dissolvable labels, freezer labels, allergen labels, and tamper-evident labels. Find a local dealer now and get started!

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