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Legally required in every professional kitchen

Everyone in catering must comply with HACCP regulations, from restaurant owners, bakers, and butchers to commercial kitchen chefs. And that’s why we offer a simple, standardised and effective solution to coding and tracing (frozen) food. LabelFresh Frozen HACCP labels empower catering operators to label products correctly, guaranteeing food freshness.

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LabelFresh Frozen labels

We offer refrigerator-friendly labels and LabelFresh HACCP labels designed to be freezer friendly. LabelFresh Frozen labels can withstand a -30°C to +70°C temperature range. Extra strong – they’re guaranteed to adhere perfectly in extreme cold. Another bonus? Despite the ultra-strong adhesive, LabelFresh Frozen labels are still a snap to remove after use!

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First-rate food safety with detailed labels

HACCP-compliant LabelFresh Frozen labels have plenty of space for whatever details are required to guarantee your frozen food’s freshness. Product description, freeze date, expiry date, and defrost date – it’s all included! Anyone on your kitchen staff can learn how to master the labelling system in no time. Properly labelling food has never been so easy.

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Say hello to an orderly kitchen with LabelFresh label dispensers

We aim to streamline the labelling process. What better reason for developing a handy stainless steel label dispenser? Need to save space? Just mount it on a wall. Now, you’ve got a single easy access point for all your freezer-safe HACCP labels. Convenient and hygienic! More good news? We sell a compact stainless steel label dispenser for our LabelFresh Easy labels.

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Innovative catering and hospitality solutions

LabelFresh Frozen HACCP labels are innovative freezer-safe solutions tailored to the hospitality sector’s needs and requirements. We’re always innovating, looking for the next great fix to the chef, baker, caterer, and butcher’s daily food safety-related struggles. What makes LabelFresh Frozen labels unique?

  • perfect adhesion from -30° tot +70°
  • easy removal (no nasty glue residue)
  • convenient box compatible with our stainless steel dispenser

Sustainability comes first at LabelFresh

We innovate with our customers in mind. That’s a given. But LabelFresh also innovates for the planet. We’re always on the lookout for ways to green our production process. We take your growing demand for sustainability seriously and make it our own by adapting our products accordingly. In practice, that means our HACCP freezer-safe and chilled product labels are made of FSC®-certified paper. And our LabelFresh Dissolvable range? Biodegradable and renewable corn starch.

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Are you a chef, restaurant owner, kitchen manager, baker, butcher, or caterer? Are you ready to simplify or standardise your tracing system? Make your life easier with our food labels, dissolvable labels, allergen labels and freezer-safe HACCP labels. Effortlessly comply with HACCP regulations and pass every food inspection with flying colours. Find a dealer near you now and start labelling!

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