LabelFresh Dissolvable

LabelFresh Dissolvable makes it even easier to meet the legislation on the labelling of processed foodstuffs.

Thanks to the development of a new paper production technique based on maize starch, the shelf life of labels has been increased to 12 months. Given this limited shelf life, LabelFresh Dissolvable is only available in English, offering the possibility to indicate 7 days on one label.


LabelFresh Dissolvable dissolves in water in less than 30 seconds without leaving behind paper or glue residues so that you don't have to spend time on removing the HACCP label and can save on labour costs.

Information to fill in:

  • Product description
  • Number
  • Employee
  • Production date
  • Time
  • Expiry date



  • Enough space to write
  • Doesn’t leave sticky traces
  • Refills are individually wrapped and don’t get dirty or greasy