HACCP Products

Make it easy for yourself!

Everyone knows that meeting the legislation on food safety brings about a lot of extra work.
LabelFresh makes sure that tagging foodstuffs processed and stored in a cooling by you will as of now be done in a standardised, simple and efficient way.

In but a few minutes time you and your employees will have mastered the LabelFresh technique. You’ll notice how easy it is to meet the legislation on coding your foodstuffs.
This way, there has to be no doubt about the freshness of your products and you will be able to maximise the return on your products.

Besides, you’ll make an excellent impression on the food agency inspectors.

Simplicitity itself!

The LabelFresh food rotation labels are available as starterkit togehter with a stainless steel dispenser. This way, you'll have all you need for meeting the legislation regarding the taggin of your processsed foodstuff.